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The OWL programme isn't running in the academic year 15-16, but if you would like to express an interest for 16-17, please email Caroline Carroll on

Here are some details about the programme:

OWL - Outstanding Ways to Learn Programme

Why be an outstanding teacher? Surely Ofsted inspections and Performance Review aren’t the only reasons! 

This new, cross-phase programme, designed by Millais’ outstanding facilitators, will engage teachers on the following levels:

  • encourage consideration of how to develop day-to-day teaching to make lessons more engaging and challenging for pupils
  • look at and consider ways of making teaching practice intrinsically outstanding, by thinking about how children learn and strategies which enable them to make sustained progress
  • aim to use discussion and tips to enhance current practice, instead of looking at endless lesson criteria and starting from scratch
  • learn from the others in the group, as well as the teaching experience of the training facilitators (who are all still secondary teachers themselves)
  • cover aspects of lesson planning, assessment, challenge & engagement and differentiation over four, fortnightly sessions
  • set school-based learning tasks in the interim weeks which should feed into the sessions to enhance practice even further

If you are the teacher who wants to make a long term difference for your pupils, starting tomorrow, then this could be the programme for you! 

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