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We were delighted to have heard in mid-October that we had secured funding from the DfE Leadership, Equality and Diversity Fund held by Harris Academy Crystal Palace.  The focus of our bid was Women in Leadership; our research showed us that this was an area of need within West Sussex, especially at secondary level where there are only 8 female Headteachers across the county. This despite an almost equal gender split at AHT and DHT level where 89 of these senior leaders are female.

Clearly this anomaly indicates a shortfall in the numbers of women who progress to Headship.  Issues such as lack of confidence to take on the role, confidence to go through the application and interview stage and other external factors such as combining parenthood with a senior leadership role may all have a negative effect.  These factors are probably not unique to Headship, so the course is open to teachers in leadership roles wishing to progress soon and apply for promotion.

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