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Leadership Development


We are developing a leadership  strategy that offers a set of interactive training events to enable leadership capacity and expertise to be enhanced across the Alliance of schools. 

The programme will begin in earnest in September 2013 and will be designed to be challenging, highly practical and time constrained to maximise the impact on the participants.  

Expectations are that conversion to the next level of leadership, for serious participants, is more likely on successful completion of the course.  Attendees who successfully ‘pass’ the requirements of the course will be offered recommendation as a leader which will be endorsed by Alliance head teachers.   

The themes are based around honest ‘what you don’t know but need to know’ topics in preparation for the next stage of leadership.  The ‘Stepping Up’ courses will be offered  through ePD :

· Student Leadership

· Future Leaders—the first steps. 

· Stepping Up to Middle Leadership

· Stepping Up to Senior Leadership

· Stepping Up to Deputy Headship

· Stepping Up to become a Head teacher

Participants at each tier will be expected to coach and mentor aspiring leaders themselves. One session will focus on developing skills in outstanding student leaders in Alliance schools. All of the courses will culminate in a Leadership Conference which will also be attended by the identified outstanding Student Leaders from Alliance Schools.   Information about the courses will be circulated to all schools early in the autumn term.

Leadership 2014

This year two successful ‘in‐house’ leadership courses have been organised and led by Jules White. Aspiring Head Teachers saw a colleague move into a new role as a Headteacher and Aspiring Deputy Heads resulted in promotion for two colleagues who became Deputy Head Teachers.

The year ended with a student leadership conference held at Tanbridge House on the theme of ‘Leadership and Morality’; Year 9 & 10 pupils from Tanbridge House were joined by students from Millais, Forest, Davison, The Weald and St Wilfrid’s and given the opportunity to ask their own questions to a panel in a bid to inspire potential leaders of the future. The panel, chaired by Mr Marshallsay, one of the Assistant Headteachers at Tanbridge, consisted of five prominent local figures, all of whom are successful leaders in their chosen professions. They were Francis Maude – MP/Minister for the Cabinet Office; Gary Shipton ‐ Editor in Chief of the Sussex Newspapers Group; Judith Harding ‐ Programme Director at BT Retail Innovate & Design; David Corcoran – Head of Student Support & Wellbeing at the University of Chichester and Mark Sowerby ‐ Bishop of Horsham.

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