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Research & Development

Research & DevelopmentThere are a range of different projects working across the Millais Alliance facilitated by the Research and Development Strategic Team. 

The main focus for the team this year is working on the National College Project - Evidence Based Teaching: Advancing Capability and Capacity for Enquiry in Schools (EBT-ACCESs). The interim report was published in Autumn and can be found here. The report comments on the establishment of TeachMeets which has been part of the work of the R&D Strategic Team this year. For more information about the project as a whole please click on the tab. 

Within the lead school during 2015/16 there has been an innovative professional development programme set up which engages all teachers in research and evidence based teaching. Based around the concept of Professional Learning Communities teachers have been working collaboratively in areas of their choice. For more details and examples of the work completed please see the Learning Communities tab. 

Members of the Strategic Team are also part of the Sussex Research Leaders Programme which is being led by Sussex University. For more information please see the tab. 

The Research and Development team are putting together a reference list of the research that colleagues within the Alliance have completed or are working on. The list is on the tab to the left, there are also contact details for each member of staff, if you want more information please contact them directly. 

Thinking of doing an in school research project but don't know where to start? The nfer has some easy to use guidance - nfer research guides

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