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2012/2013 - CfBT Languages Project

This project supported schools in improving languages education so that more children have a positive experience of language learning from Primary through to Key Stage 4.

All schools who participated with the lead teachers from their Teaching School Alliance had the opportunity to undertake a number of projects, including action research, which addressed the challenges raised in the OFSTED languages report (2011).

Benefits of participating in this project for our Alliance

This programme provided the opportunity for lead language teachers from The Millais Alliance (TMA) to share best practice in languages education with others and to improve languages education wherever this might be needed.  Support and additional funding was provided to schools wishing to develop leadership in languages education.  It also provided participating schools with the focus, funding and professional support to develop projects and activities to meet the specific needs identified in Alliance schools.

 Language teachers from three secondary school in the Alliance were involved:  Davison School in Worthing, Imberhorne School in East Grinstead and Millais School in Horsham.   Participating Primary Schools were Chesswood Primary (Worthing), Halsford Park (East Grinstead), Holbrook Primary, Kingslea Primary, Leechpool Primary, Northolmes Primary and St Marys Primary (Horsham).

So far 480 Primary children in Horsham have been involved for the storytelling project (Harry Potter storytelling lessons) alone.

The three projects were as follows:

1.    Using storytelling to support KS2 to KS3 transition

       Final Report with Resources 1 (HP) & Resources 2 (Lion & Unicorn)

2.    Using Film to enhance the KS4 curriculum and increase learner motivation and achievement

       Final Report with Resources 1 (Notebook files), Resources 2 (Sound files), Resources 3 (Word documents)

3.    Improving assessment and information sharing KS2-KS3

       Final Report

Action Research

Action Research was also undertaken by a member of staff at Millais School on the project.:

Investigating the use of interactive e-books with less able pupils by Karen Hall

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