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Claire Power, Geography teacher at Millais School, has just finished her MA in Education had the following to say about the two year programme that she undertook. 

I completed my masters dissertation in September 2014, submission day was such a relief! The course that I undertook was a two year programme with the University of Sussex, who have a flexible programme that enables you to choose modules to suit your point in your teaching career. The dissertation element was undertaken in the second year and enabled me to undertake valuable primary research which has informed my teaching practice, and that of my department. It was a demanding but valuable experience, which needed careful time management. 

The focus of my research was the effectiveness of homework, investigating why we set homework and what homework tasks engage pupils and help them to make progress. The research was challenging to plan out (and get ethical clearance!), but was aided by my literature review. The most difficult part was making sense of the data when it was returned- I didn't anticipate quite how much data I had generated (over the course of 6 weeks with a group of year 9 pupils feeding back on three subjects). It was, however, a fascinating insight in to their experiences of homework and they had valuable and interesting points to raise.

The whole process has made me more aware and considerate of the homework I set, and has helped me to make it a more informative and manageable process. It has also allowed me to get involved in Teach Meet and running twilight CPD sessions to pass on knowledge to the wider teaching body, which have also been valuable experiences.

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