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Millais Learning Communities

The Learning Communities consisted of teachers from across the school collaborating to complete research into a specific area of interest. As can be seen from the thumbnails below a wide range of areas were focused on. The communities completed a range of research activities including questionnaires, focus group interviews and literature studies. In addition one of the researcher leaders at the school has completed MA level research into the impact of the learning communities - a synopsis will be available here when it is complete. The research was presented in the form of poster presentation at a conference in June 2016. Please click the thumbnails to open a poster presentation in another tab. 

 Cross Curricular Skills  Data for Impact  Effective Questionning

 E-Safety  Feedback and marking  Homework

 ICT to enhance learning  Lesson Study  Literacy Across the Curriculum

  Numeracy Across the Curriculum  Personalised Learning  Motivation

 Resilience  STEM  Student Leadership

 Self Esteem and Emotional Well being  Supporting Mental Health

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