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Lesson Study

Specialist Leaders of EducationLesson Study is a learning approach that develops learning and teaching, practice and subject knowledge of teachers. It has 140 years of history in Japanese schools, and is now increasingly used in the West. In the model being used in conjunction with the University of Sussex, it works as a form of collaborative practice, and operates as a school-based professional development initiative.

A group of teachers collaborate, identifying a research theme or overarching aim that is student centred and relates to the school’s vision of qualities they wish to encourage in their students. This is best posed as a question.

Having decided on the overarching aim, the group meet to plan a research lesson that will bring this aim to life. They then undertake the following process:

  • choose a suitable topic to study;
  • identify the goals of the unit of study; research the topic
  • jointly map out a series of lessons that will achieve these goals;
  • identify case pupils (suggested 3)
  • identify the key lesson in this series which then becomes the research lesson;
  • jointly plan the research lesson;
  • one of the pair teaches the lesson; the other observe the lesson;
  • review and reflect on the lesson;
  • revise the lesson plan and continue the cycle.

Lesson Study Evaluations:


The Weald English Department:

Focus: How successful is the use of writing frames to support analytical analysis of non-fiction texts in Year 8 English teaching? 

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The Weald English Department:

        Focus: To improve quality of written submission in English tasks at KS3.

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The Weald Science Department:

        Focus: How can flipped learning be used to improve engagement and independence at KS5 in Science?

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 The Weald School English Department

Focus: How can we improve approaches to writing as a persona of D grade students?

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The Weald School English Department

Focus: How can we use journals to foster independence and creativity amongst lower attaining Year 9 boys?

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