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DfE Returners to Teaching Pilot Project May 2018

We have been selected again as a Lead School for this short pilot project for those wishing to return to teaching following a break for caring responsibilities.

Returners who have registered with the Return to Teaching advisors are matched with EBacc vacancies in our area

The support package includes:

  • bursaries for acclimatisation periods in school before paid employment begins.

  • employment in schools that understand the needs of returning teachers.

  • support for career progression with funding available for national professional qualifications and continuous professional development vouchers.

  • develop your networks – with access to a range of valuable professional bodies.

To register your interest go to


Eligible returners must:

  • have a start date between 1 September 2018 and 15 January 2019

  • be returning from a career break (there is no maximum or minimum period) the primary purpose of which was to care for others

  • apply for vacancies as normal but flag up either in a covering letter or on the application form that you have come through the RTT project. This will explain the gaps in your teaching history

  • be returning to teach an EBacc subject (if teaching more than one subject, at least 50% of the teaching time must be in an EBacc subject)

  • have previous experience of teaching in an English state school.

Eligible returners must not:

  • already be under contract with any school as a teacher

  • be returning from a statutory period of maternity, paternity or shared parental leave

  • be returning from a career break where the primary purpose was not to care for others.

Eligible returners may:

  • be working in a school in a role other than that of a teacher

  • have previously worked as a teacher in the employing school

  • have been employed other than as a teacher during their career break; as long as the primary reason for leaving teaching was to care for others.

For further details contact Caroline Carroll or phone 01403 254932

Further information, including how to register,  can be found here:

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