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School Experience Placements

One of the best ways to find out whether a career in teaching is right for you is to spend some time in a classroom and speak to experienced teachers and school staff. The School Experience Programme (SEP) has been developed to allow you to gain classroom experience in secondary schools. If you not been into a school recently, and are applying for teacher training, you must have had some SEP days before you apply, ideally at least five. Click here for details:

Please note that SEP is not offered at Primary level.

You will be able to apply for the SEP if you are considering teaching secondary Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, any Modern foreign language (MFL), Geography, Computer science or Design and Technology. You must also be making, or intending to make, an application for teacher training in the current year. The duration is flexible (1 to 10 days); this will be agreed between you and your host school after Day 1 has taken place.

You can also apply as an undergraduate if you:

  • are in your final year of studying for a degree in one of these subjects, and
  • are interested in teaching one of these subjects, and
  • are predicted at least a 2:1 degree

How to apply

You will need to register with the Teaching Agency, if you have not already done so, before you can apply for the SEP.

Once you have registered with the Teaching Agency, you can apply for the SEP quickly and easily by calling the Teaching Line on 0800 389 2500.

The Teaching Line will contact you once you have registered and it has been confirmed that you meet the requirements. You can contact the Teaching Line by emailing  or on freephone 0800 389 2500 if you have any questions about your application. Please note that school experience placements are subject to meeting the eligibility requirements and availability in your local or preferred area.

School Experience Placement

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