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School to School Support

This aspect of our work is about providing support to schools both within and beyond our alliance in our drive to improve outcomes for pupils and develop leadership capacity.

We deploy a range of staff who either have nationally accredited expertise (such as NLE’s, LLE’s, SLE’s or AST’s) or who have been identified as Lead Practitioners within their schools. They all offer the experience and skills to work alongside other colleagues in a coaching or mentoring capacity and their ‘pen portrait’ is available via the Alliance profile on

So how does it work?

Teacher SupportSchools can request support for a specific purpose directly from Millais as a Teaching School using the School to School request form. We also respond to requests from the LA to provide targeted support as appropriate. All requests are dealt with sensitively and either Alison Lodwick (Headteacher) or Shirley Springer (Director of the Teaching School initiative at Millais) will have a detailed discussion to identify exactly what is required and decide who might be best placed to provide the support.

They will then contact the colleague identified as the person to offer support and ask them to arrange an initial meeting with the client school. At this meeting the confidential context of the work and the pattern/cost of time commitment should be understood and agreed, as well as the initial key focus and planned outcomes. These details will be recorded on a Deployment Agreement Form which is copied to Millais so that the Teaching School can monitor the nature and quality of the support provided as well as invoicing the client school for the services provided.


NLE/LLE £550 per day 5 hours (incl admin fee)

SLE/AST £450 per day 5 hours (incl admin fee)

ALP* £275 per day 5 hours (incl admin fee)

(*Alliance Lead Practitioner)

This daily rate (hourly rate pro-rata) is inclusive of any additional expenses except that travel expenses will be applied if the client school is over 10 miles from the home school, of the colleague providing support. At the end of the deployment the client school will be invited to complete an Impact Evaluation Form as part of our Quality Assurance procedures.

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